25 July 2007

AK-47 & No

Update: There will be no further posts on blogger. Please go to 23psi.com.

Two designs inspired by the world's most widely traded weapon.

Morpheme (Chinese) denoting no, in the negative. Chosen purely for its graphic value and nothing else. Current colour is a stock standard CMYK Red. Leaning towards black for the FA.

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Joe said...

Just my unasked for two cents, but I think the design would be more powerful if there weren't as many red guns, and if they were scattered around the design instead of in a large block.

nick m said...

Hi Joe,
All comments are welcomed. Fact is, I am in two minds about this design. Personally, I prefer the one above slightly more and another simpler design which I haven't put up. Will certainly look into what you suggested. Thanks for the feedback. Cheers!

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