03 August 2007

Miscommunication Sucks!

Update: There will be no further posts on blogger. Please go to 23psi.com.

Just when I thought that I had found the perfect set-up to work with shit happens. A miscommunication resulted in tripling of the minimum number of t-shirts I have to order before they lift a finger to cut, sew and print them. It doesn't sound so bad, but they wanted it to be for just one design and in one t-shirt colour. I would have been okay with it if I could make up the numbers with three designs in three different t-shirt colours. What really pissed me off was that this happened after a week of phone calls and meetings, quotation being issued and accepted, the FA being submitted and 50% paid upfront. Had everything gone as planned, the first batch of 23PSI tees would have been ready by the end of this month.

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