12 November 2007

Hang Tag Pix

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Sometimes everything looks great on screen and then you get let down when it goes to production. Well, this isn't one of those situations. I'm really pleased with the tags. In fact, I feel kind of sad that these will probably be binned soon after the tee is taken out of the paper bag. But what the heck. Every tee needs a hang tag, and if I have anything to do with it, I'd do it in a way that I'd be happy with as if I'm the buyer. As for the tees, cuerno de chivo will probably be delivered tomorrow.

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anfield devotee said...

suggestion - perhaps you can give some kinda offer fer anyone who can produce X amount of hang tags fer a dicount or something.

Two birds - people keep tags & u get to recycle em.

Bernard said...

So can we come by later today to have a first pick of the merchandise then??

nick m said...

sure thing. will keep you posted.

Anna said...

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