24 September 2007

It's Been A Struggle

Update: There will be no further posts on blogger. Please go to 23psi.com.

Just want to let everyone who reads this blog know that I'm still at it, pushing this along as much as I can. We think we're in control most of the time, but the truth is we aren't, and so much of what we do depends on timing and the other people we have to work with.

But it's been a particularly difficult time since my mum was diagnosed with cancer about a week ago, so it has been especially tough keeping things moving along. I'm now occupied most of the day with looking after my 2 boys (my wife's the one with the real job, thanks dear!) and it's near impossible to get productive creatively at 11pm (after visiting mum and when everyone's asleep) but it looks like I've no choice for now.

Cuerno de Chivo

This is the (first) design which I sent to the printer. Everything else has been put on hold until I see the finished product for this. Just can't bring myself to commit on the other designs until I have the tee in my hands and on my back. If cut, stitch and print quality are up to scratch, then everything else gets the green light. So until then, I'll be keeping my head down with this and my hopes up for mum.

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anfield devotee said...

Hang in there, bro. We are here fer you!

Bernard said...

When it rains, it fooking pours.

Guess what? My Dad's been diagnosed with the Big C last week too. We've had an opinion from the doctors last week and are seeing another one tomorrow for a 2nd opinion. Whatever happens, YNWA!!

JonW said...

Hey man. I was referred to this blog when I saw the words t-shirt design from Anfield Devotee's blog.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer (again!) about a month ago too so I know how you feel. Hang in there man.

nick m said...

thanks. you hang in there too.

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