12 September 2007

Latest Update

Update: There will be no further posts on blogger. Please go to 23psi.com.

First off, I received the labels for the t-shirts this morning. The main labels indicate the sizes (S to XXL) and care instructions. There's also the small flag label for the side seam of the tee.

This may be a good time to talk a bit about the sizing. The first measurement is for the chest - double it to get the circumference. The second is the length as measured from the top of the collar where it meets the shoulder to the hem.

  • S - 20", 27.5"
  • M - 21", 28.5"
  • L - 22", 29.5"
  • XL - 23", 30.5"
  • XXL - 23.75", 31"

As for the cut, it's a regular/comfort sort of fit i.e. not the slim fit, body-hugging type. I think this would cover most body types. Consider ordering a size smaller if you wear your tees a little more close fitting. More details on the cut and fit when the production sample is ready.

As for the care instructions, I have on the side of caution, deliberately set the bar a little higher, with rather prudent steps on handling the t-shirt, namely:

  • machine wash 30 C
  • wash with like colours
  • cool iron
  • no tumble drying, bleaching or dry cleaning
That sounds like a lot to ask for but that's the way to go to get the most out of them. As for the fabric, it's a 100% fully combed cotton with a 20 thread count. This makes it a little more substantial in feel with a fabric weight of about 180 to 200gms per meter sq depending on the colour. Being fully combed means it's also soft to touch and less prone to wrinkling.

Ok. There is one other burning question which I know is on the minds of some tee lovers out there. 'Are 23PSI tees made in a sweatshop-free environment?' Yes they are. They are being made and printed by a little set-up less than 20km from where I am as I type this. I've been to the shop more than a couple of times, the most recent was today to deliver the labels you see above. On one occasion, the owner's teenage daughter was present sitting on a worktable looking very bored as she worked the text messaging on her cell phone. So there's really no problem as far as this is concerned.

I'm expecting the production sample to be ready by the end of this or early next month. So there will be another update when that happens. Thanks for reading this far. Cheers.

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Bernard said...

My order's for a XL and a M for Ewan...OK bos??

nick m said...

Of course it's ok. You and the Big Man can try them on for size before deciding.

muststopthis said...

Hello buddy....tell me when your Ts arrive. I can't quite tell if I will be able to fit in any of them...just puton 7kgs!

nick m said...

will do. there's always the XXL ;)

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