27 September 2007

A Second Intro

Update: There will be no further posts on blogger. Please go to 23psi.com.

Written introductions are difficult. Having time to think about it before committing it to paper or before hitting the “post” button doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, it makes it a lot more difficult because there’s a greater degree of permanency to it making it open to repeated scrutiny. I find personal introductions so much easier, where I can just walk right up, extend my hand and say whatever it is that I’m supposed to say befitting the occasion.

So, why am I revisiting this issue of the introduction? Aside from the fact that I’m not quite happy with the one I wrote here, there are 3 reasons for this. The first has to do with the website that I’m designing now for 23PSI. In doing this, I’m also considering what to say in the page about 23PSI. The second reason is because the Intro is crucial in helping 23PSI find the right niche in the market. Many see this from the point of view of branding, but I’m reluctant to use the word which I think is not only overused but also misused. The third reason is more practical. Seeing that I’m still waiting for my production sample to be ready, I might as well make use of the time I have to address this now. Once the sample is ready, I figure I would be pretty busy getting the rest of the stock ready and worrying about moving it.

As such, I will be attempting to answer questions such as: who am I? what is 23PSI? why t-shirts? over the next couple of posts, Please pardon the paucity of designs/visuals. I try to avoid having to long a time lag between posting them here and having the tee in hand. So, that’s got to wait for now.

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Joe said...

I'll be interested in seeing where you go with this. I certainly hope that it helps you figure out what you want from 23PSI.

Bernard said...

Yeah, why t-shirts & not y-fronts or board shorts...? ;D

anfield devotee said...

slow & steady bro . . . We are all behind u 100%!!!

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