12 October 2007

Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart

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There's something tragically poignant about those 5 words. Perhaps it has to do with Joy Division's frontman, Ian Curtis's suicide in 1980. But where's the t-shirt connection? Well here it is. Preshrunk posted this 3 days ago when he featured Blanka, a UK-based online visual communication gallery and in particular this t-shirt from their 'time code' line.
It's a brilliant design featuring the track duration and below it, the song title. They've got in the same line, tees featuring other great bands as well. Check out Floyd (Echoes), AC/DC (Back in Black), Kraftwerk (The Robots), Sex Pistols (Anarchy in the UK), New Order (Blue Monday).
Now back to the music. Listen to the original version of the song here and a cover version by Susanna & the Magical Orchestra. Thanks to the AnfieldDevotee.

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TUFF said...

this design look bright and clean and no more word, nice design

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